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Buchanan Computer Content Management

Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) gives you — the domain owner with complete control of your website. With a strong CMS, you can upload, download, edit and manipulate data just the way you want. Being a flexible platform, you can also integrate additional features on the site as and when needed. At Buchanan Computer, we create websites with the sole objective of helping business owners manage and maintain their site with no worries.

Your website will quite literally allow you to take control and manage the content within your website without any technical training. Our systems allow you to easily add, delete images and edit text on your website on the fly. Many businesses come to find it difficult to keep their website content up-to-date as they'd like. With these management tools you'll be at the steering wheel to your success.

Buchanan Computer Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Responsive websites will help you reach your audience in a much better ratio than typical websites. People now conduct almost 90% of their daily activities via their smartphones and tablets. These devices have various screen size resolutions which leads to the need of having websites with flexible screen dimensions. They should be visible without compromise on quality and screen resolution regardless of the screen size of the device.

We offer mobile responsiveness with every website we development. It isn't an add-on it's included. This will guarentee every customer see's your site properly and loads within a responable timeframe. Bootstrap is our framework of choice and an industry standard. This is the backbone of every design and platform we develop. Ensuring proper viewing no matter what the device is being used by the consumer.

Buchanan Computer Web Portal

Web Portal Development

We help make your business process more effective by providing essential services such as content management, data and information management online, communication management and much more. Your web portal is more suited for Business to Business sales such as whole sale and recurring orders.

A solid web portal allows employees to view their tasks for the day along with hours worked and payments. It's a guarentee that your getting your money's worth as a business owner. Being an extention of your content management system it can automate many of your daily tasks required.

No job too Small

We work with organizations big & small. Don't let our fancy vocabulary scare you away. Please ask questions and see how we can help you with your business to thrive online.